Zed's Dead Baby

This project got nipped in the bud when Twitter got rid of their free tier API Access. Since this project wasn't even off the ground yet, I decided to shutter it. Ironically, I started using HypeFury shortly after to manage my tweet schedule. It's been pretty great so far. Check it out with my HypeFury affiliate link if you're interested in supercharging your Twitter (X) account

The History of Simple Tweets

Simple Tweets was an idea I had a while back. I envisioned a minimal tweeting tool that would allow you to schedule tweets without thinking about it.

I wanted to just brain dump tweets into a box, without spamming Twitter too hard. A Dam of sorts between Twitter and my brain, only letting a little trickle through at a time.

You login with Twitter, select how many times per day you want to tweet, and start brain dumping. That's it.

Build Log

Slowly but surely making progress. That's why they call them side projects, right?

Day 12