Hi, I'm Jack Harner

Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

I'm a

I Make Websites.

I work mostly with WordPress & PHP with an emphasis on clean, responsive design. I love me some good 'ole fashioned HTML/CSS.

Recent Projects:

Shoolu Product API

Filling Gaps In BigCommerce

  • PHP
  • AJAX

Bleeding Coffee

WordPress Affiliate Blog

  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • PHP

I'm currently learning all things React, Accessibility, & Modern Web Development. JackHarner.com is Built With Gatsby!

I Write Down What I Learn.

Now and then, I write about Web Development & Coffee. By sharing my understanding of a particular topic, I give the people learning after me a fresh take on a problem. Plus it gives me the added bonus of proving I know at least sort-of what I'm talking about.

Latest Posts: Take High-DPI Screenshots In FirefoxPerfect for Showing Off Your WorkAuto-Generate Content Folders In GatsbyPreformat Your Frontmatter & MoreBigCommerce Developer DiaryA Week In My Work Life

Let's Make Something Awesome!

Want To Work With Me?

I'm currently available for freelance work. Need help fixing some WordPress bugs, a whole new website, or just a quick refresh on your exisiting online presence? I'm your guy.

Hit me up on Twitter @JackHarner or Shoot Me An Email.


Want To Hire Me?

I'm looking for a Front End Developer role. I've worked extensively with WordPress/PHP, HTML/CSS, and a little React/Redux. I also make really good coffee.

Check out my Resume, Portfolio, & Github and Shoot Me An Email if you think I'd be a good fit!