Jack Harner

Hi, I'm Jack Harner

Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

I'm a 

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer.

From E-Commerce Stores to Custom Business Applications & Everything In Between. If you access it through a web browser, I can build it with an emphasis on clean, responsive design.

I work with Shopify, WordPress, PHP, React, Node, Python & More.

I've Been A Fulltime Freelancer For

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A Man Of The People:

"@JackHarner is a godamn wizard"

-Collin Duddy

"big ups to our web dev @JackHarner"

-Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce

"i don’t know what any of this means but hire this man to build your website, dammit"

-Collin Duddy

I Learn In Public.

I write about Web Development, Automation & Coffee. By sharing my understanding of a particular topic, I give the people learning after me a fresh perspective on a problem and possible solutions.

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I Like Taking Photos, Too!

Landscapes, Food, Products, and My Cats. Follow Me on Unsplash »