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Picture This:

It's June of 2015

I was deep in the trenches learning CSS and I needed a sufficiently complicated project to really test what I'd learned. At the time, I was working as an intern and had access to a Mac Pro with OS X (I mainly use Linux now, but had never owned a Mac before). I figured I was spending enough time staring at the OS X desktop that I should try and make it entirely out of CSS.

I cracked open CodePen and got to work.

All Done, Time To Publish

After putting the finishing touches on all the details. I hit save, took it off private, and bolted to Twitter to share my new masterpiece. I was super proud. The menus were all pixel perfect, the desktop icons could be multi selected, the dock bounced it's classic bounce.

Straight To The Top!

I tagged @codepen on Twitter in hopes that they might retweet me, but they actually picked my Pen to be featured on the Front Page of CodePen! I was shocked and honored. I worked hard and now I was being recognized for it. As of writing it still has almost 40 Thousand Views. It's probably my most viewed piece of work to date and I still love looking back at it and clicking the icons and flipping through the menus.

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