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Considering hiring me, but you're on the fence?

Here's a couple reasons why you should swing that other leg over and Hire Me.

#1 My Clients Love Me:

"Jack's attention to detail and thorough communication always made us feel at ease. He has worked with us for about year developing our website and has been nothing short of patient and understanding. He comes HIGHLY recommended from National Roofing."

Jennifer S.

Marketing & Estimating Administrator @ National Roofing

"Jack saved my Shopify site from a very stupid SEO issue that would have killed all of my rankings. Highly recommended, very trustworthy dev. Truly a master of some trades."

Sean Markey

Rank Theory

"big shout to @JackHarner for the recent work on one of my sites. Am immediately hiring him again for more work. Really good dude and developer for Shopify, eCommerce, and other website solutions."

Matt Lady

Owner @ High Key Geek

"Jack is a workhorse. He's talented, reliable, and his code is clean. It's a pleasure to work together, and I would recommend him to anyone."

Mike Weaver

Lead Developer @ Electric Eye

"@JackHarner is a godamn wizard"

Collin Duddy

Owner @ Bottle Rocket

"I’ve worked on various projects with Jack over the years and it’s always been a positive experience for me and my team. Happy to recommend him to others."

Josey Orr

Owner @ Easier Golfing

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#2 I've Been Freelancing Full Time For:

+ building websites for 10 years before that.

So You Could Say I've Been Doing This For A While.

#3 Big Name Companies Trust Me:

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