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Cross Post Content from your WordPress blog to other platforms often? Then you should check out my Recent Posts Markdown Generator WordPress Plugin.

I built this plugin out of necessity. I was cross posting a lot of articles to and needed a quick and easy way to generate a list of Recent Post links back to my blog.

Select the post type you wish to link, and how many posts to get and it outputs the following:

## Recent Posts
* [Something](http://localhost/blank/projects/something/)
* [Lololol](http://localhost/blank/projects/lololol/)
* [Blah Blah Blah](http://localhost/blank/projects/blah-blah-blah/)

Plugin Roadmap

  • "Skip most recent post". I didn't want to link to the original post as the first item in the list. So, I'd end up getting 4 posts and then just deleting the first one. It'd save some time to just have that as an option.
  • Link to multiple Post Types.
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