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Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce Co. needed an update. We were still rocking the Pre-Sale Landing Page we launched with. It served it's purpose, and it served it well. However Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce was looking to expand both it's catalog, and it's reach as a company. Here's a little rundown of some of the features:

1️⃣ Floating Checkout Button

As you scroll down the catalog on the front page, the Check Out button is always right there for quick and easy access to the checkout flow. The cart count live updates as you update your cart throughout the site.

2️⃣ AJAX Order Form

The landing page form reflects the cart values and syncs in real time with the Shopify Storefront API. This keeps the customer aware of what's in their cart at any given time.

Like with the Pre-Sale Landing Page, as you add things to your cart, the bottles start to shake. Hit Checkout and it's 3.. 2.. 1.. LIFT OFF! A fun little bit of animation utilizing GSAP we carried over into v2. Go check out the site to see it live!

3️⃣ One Of Each Buttons

Since all of the sauces are sold a la carte, we needed an easy way for someone to get "One of everything". A similar setup was built into v1, but it needed to be adapted to work with multiple sections on the page.

4️⃣ Multiple Products and Variations

Keep an eye out for Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce Co. merch coming very soon. One of the primary reasons for redoing the site was to be able to support multiple products. Right now we just have the sauces and the stickers but we should have shirts and pins and more live soon! Make sure to follow @BottleRocketHSC on Twitter for updates.

Go Buy Some Sauce 🚀

Overall I'm really excited with how v2 of the site came out, stoked it's finally launched, and can't wait for what's to come!

Hit up Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce and tell them Jack sent you. I doubt it will get you anything, but it probably won't hurt, and will boost my ego a little bit. Win-Win-Win.

Go Buy Some Sauce!!