Claire Cundiff is an artist based out of Madrid, NM. She specializes in Encaustone art which uses a combination of very thin sheets of mica, and ink to make stunning pieces that you would never believe are made of rocks.

When I first reached out to Claire, she described her existing website as "very, very outdated". All she really wanted was a site where she could load new art pieces and update the content herself.

WordPress to the rescue.

Claire's previous site was just a collection of raw HTML with no content management system behind it. Updating the pieces she had available was difficult at best and eventually became near impossible as time went on.

Leveraging the Content Management power of WordPress, I developed a custom WordPress Theme that allows her to manage all of the content on the site with ease.

Pieces are set up as a custom post type with all the necessary metadata to display the pieces the way she wanted.

Psuedo E-Commerce

Because each piece that Claire sells is unique, she opted out from a traditional e-commerce set up in favor of what I call Psuedo E-Commerce.

Pieces are listed on the site that are available to sell, but customers still have to reach out to Claire to purchase.

Since shipping her delicate pieces can be challenging, shipping costs can vary so widely from piece to piece and destination to destination, and she'd have to either way overcharge for shipping and refund, or try to collect extra shipping costs after the fact. Neither are great options, so avoiding a self-service checkout experience was a necessary feature for the new website.

By choosing Jack Harner for her Web Development needs, we've not only simplified the product and content management for Claire but also enhanced the customer's shopping experience, leading to an increase in online sales, even without a full blown e-commerce setup.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this project, & reach out if your art website needs an upgrade!