Let's Make A Newsletter

Let's Make A Newsletter

Mailing Lists Are King

I read this great article from @swizec about how he made almost $400k over 5 years on the side through books, courses and other digital media sales. His path to success sparked my curiosity to see if I could do it to. I've got several ideas for digital learning materials to sell because of his article. I'll definitely keep you all updated along the way.

This quote stood out from that article:

That was my biggest mistake back when I first started blogging successfully. Lots of noise, nothing to sell. Not even a mailing list to subscribe.

I don't even have a mailing list either. I decided to fix that & signed up for ConvertKit almost immediately.

Let's talk about why, if you make anything, you should also start a mailing list.

A Passionate Audience Is The Best Investment in 2020.

Look at practically any celebrity these days. They can sell literally ANYTHING and their rabid fan base will eat it up and break the internet. For example, Tesla selling booty shorts; basically any YouTube Star's makeup line; countless books, cereals, beverages, or any kind of endorsement deal.

All of these products launch and sell out instantly not because they're superior products or a better deal, but purely because the customers love whoever is on the packaging.

My goal as a creator is to create a small but passionate audience by supporting and encouraging other creators through their journey as well as teaching others about Web Development, Productivity, Automation & More.

Only True Way To Own Your Customer List

Having tons followers on social media is great and can be a massive driver of success, but what happens when the platform you're popular on just up and dies? (Looking at you VINE). Suddenly those thousands of followers cease to exist. What happens if your account gets deleted? Now you've lost all access to your customers.

< Email List Has Entered The Chat >

Email is not going away any time soon, and unless your target audience is like 12 year olds, they probably check it every day. Getting that kind of access to your customers is priceless.

As long as you back up your list outside of any platform regularly, nobody can block you from sending to it. Social networks come and go, but email is forever.

Learn In Public, Together

I've always been a fan of learning in public, or in other words, sharing the things I learn as I learn them. It helps solidify the knowledge for me, gives me a reference to look back to, and possibly helps other people down the line as they're going through the same thing.

I hope to use this platform to spread my knowledge and use my experience to help other people level up as web developers and creatives.

Thanks for reading!

I really appreciate it.

I plan on re-posting every email I send on JackHarner.com 7 days after it gets sent to the list. Make sure to sign up to get my posts as soon as possible.

If you have any questions feel free to respond to this email or hit me up on Twitter: @JackHarner. Happy Coding!