SelectControl Not Saving Attributes

Troubleshooting and Fixing A Custom Gutenberg Block

SetAttributes() Doesn't Automatically Convert Types

I was using a SelectControl to set a Category ID for a specific Gutenberg block I was building. Turns out the setAttribute() function doesn't automatically convert types. The SelectControl returns the value as a string, & since the attribute was expecting a Number:

attributes: {
    cat1: {
      type: "number",
      default: 0,

The attribute wasn't getting saved as anything.

A Few Solutions

The easiest way to solve this is just convert the String value to a Number with parseInt() when setting the Attribute:

const onChangeCat1 = (value) => {
    setAttributes({ cat1: parseInt(value) });

Other than that you can adjust your attribute type to just accept a string, however given that WordPress expects Post IDs to be Numbers this probably isn't the best solution:

attributes: {
    cat1: {
      type: "string",
      default: "0",


Make sure you're saving your attributes as the appropriate type, (Number, String, Boolean, etc.) and WordPress Gutenberg should stop giving you issues. Hit me up on Twitter @JackHarner if you have any other WordPress related questions.

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