Who Has The Best Transactional Emails Free Tier?

Who Has The Best Transactional Emails Free Tier?

A Jack Harner Listicle

I have a client whose website needs to send a few emails every now and then. I was curious who had the best free tier for sending transactional emails since they most likely shouldn't be breaking any free tier limits.

Here are the results of my research into who has the best free transactional email plan.

First, what are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are the emails you send that typically come from a "noreply@domain.com" email. Think password resets, sign in links, that sort of thing. They're the emails that are generally sent to 1 person at a time, and often triggered by a user action.

Alright, onwards to the different providers:


SendGrid offers a daily email quota of 100. While it doesn't have any significant downsides or standout features, it remains a reliable option for basic email needs.

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With a daily email quota of 300, Brevo stands out with its robust features. It provides RESTful APIs, SMTP, and webhooks, allowing seamless integration with various applications. Additionally, Brevo offers email tracking and analysis, along with unlimited log retention. The main downside is that it includes a logo in the emails sent.

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SMTP.com doesn't offer a free tier, but it serves as a solid option for those who prioritize reliability. Although it lacks any distinctive upsides, its stability and performance make it a reliable choice for businesses.

SMTP.com's Plans


Known primarily as a popular marketing platform, Mailchimp doesn't offer a free tier for email services. While it may not be the ideal choice for basic email needs, it remains a powerful tool for comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Mailchimp's Transactional Emails


Sendlayer provides an interesting pricing structure with no free tier. However, it offers 1000 emails from three different domains per month for just $5 per month. This makes it an attractive option for individuals or small businesses with specific domain requirements.

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Choosing the right email service provider depends on your specific needs and priorities. While SendGrid and SMTP.com offer reliable options, Brevo stands out with its extensive features such as RESTful APIs, SMTP, and webhooks, along with advanced email tracking and analysis capabilities. Mailchimp remains a strong choice for marketers, while Sendlayer offers an affordable solution for those needing multiple domain support.

Before finalizing your decision, consider factors such as your email volume, integration requirements, and budget. By carefully evaluating these email services, you can make an informed choice that best suits your needs.

It's a pain to switch down the line so make sure you spend a good chunk of time researching the different providers. Let me know down in the comments if there's any I missed!