My Life As A Freelance Developer

Hi! My Name is Jack.

I'm a Freelance Web Developer based in Denver, CO.

If you access it through a web browser, I can probably build it. I'm just trying to make cool stuff with my friends, but I've been professionally developing websites for over a decade.

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In The Beginning

I got my start in web development a really long time ago in a far off land called NeoPets. They would give you a single HTML file to play with, and play with it I did. I learned the basics of Typography, Layout, complete with way too many <blink> & <marquee> tags.

A long time later...

In the time that it took you to scroll down, I developed a passion for clean, responsive design. I made the pretty natural progression from HTML/CSS to learning about Javascript and the DOM, and then on to more of the backend side of things with WordPress/PHP.

Finally, I was able to build full websites and totally custom applications with a user friendly interface for adding and updating content, accessible by all levels of tech-savvy users.

I've Been Freelancing Full Time For:

Lifetime Learner

The internet is ever changing. The tech used to build things on the web is ever changing. So as developers, we're never really done learning. I like the idea that if you can explain the subject to someone else in a concise helpful manner, then you at least k i n d of know what you're talking about.

Right now, the wind powering my self-learning sails is all things React, Node & Shopify. E-Commerce continues to be a massively growing industry, and all manner of stores are popping up.

I blog about pretty much everything I learn down this path. Mostly as a reference for myself for later, but also with the hopes of helping someone after me working through the same problems.

Outside The Internet

When I'm not glued to the computer, I spend my time playing disc golf, taking photos of my surroundings (Check me out on Unsplash), and enjoying the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

If You Want More Of Me...

Give me a follow on Twitter, @JackHarner, Instagram, @JackHarner, or check out my Blog.