About Me

Hi! My Name is Jack.

I'm a Web Developer based in Albuquerque, NM.

I like making stuff with WordPress, learning new things in Web Dev (these days it's React), playing Overwatch / Valorant / Minecraft (Follow Me on Twitch), & spending time with my three cats.

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In The Beginning

I got my start in web development a really long time ago in a far off land called NeoPets. They would give you a single HTML file to play with, and play with it I did. I learned the basics of Typography, Layout, complete with way too many <blink> & <marquee> tags.

A long time later...

In the time that it took you to scroll down, I developed a passion for clean, responsive design. I made the pretty natural progression from HTML/CSS to learning about Javascript and the DOM, and then on to more of the backend side of things with WordPress/PHP.

Finally, I was able to build full websites and totally custom applications with a friendly user interface for adding and updating content for all levels of tech-savvy users.

Powering an E-Commerce Retail Store

I currently work for Shoolu.com, a rapidly growing E-Commerce Shoe Store. My title is technically Marketing Director, but it's a small company so I wear a lot of hats. My day to day tasks include (but are definitely not limited to):

Maintaining and Updating the Website

Everything from Content Changes to totally redoing the navigation, if it has to do with the actual code powering the website, it's on me. Our store is powered by BigCommerce and uses a custom Stencil Theme, initially designed by Diztinct Inc, and then heavily customized by me.

Developing Internal and Customer Facing Tools

One of the most used things I made is the Returns Portal. It's the place to get all your return & exchange related questions answered. The portal helped us drastically cut down on Customer calls and vastly improved the UX of our returns process.

Driving Traffic to the Site

PPC Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Email Automation Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Implementing the Rewards Program (coming soon), and more. Growing the site is really my job's main purpose, and everything else is just related to that. In my time here, we've continued to show year over year growth, an increase in organic visits, and an increase in sales.

And So Much More...

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Lifetime Learner

The internet is ever changing. The tech used to build things on the web is ever changing. So as developers, we're never really done learning. I like the idea that if you can explain the subject to someone else in a concise helpful manner, then you at least k i n d of know what you're talking about.

Right now, the wind powering my self-learning sails is all things React. We're talking Redux, we're talking Gatsby, state, props, components, arrow functions, all the good stuff (still haven't even tried to dive into hooks yet).

I blog about pretty much everything I learn down this path. Mostly as a reference for myself for later, but also with the hopes of helping someone after me working through the same problems.

Outside The Internet

When I'm not glued to the computer, I spend my time exploring the New Mexico Craft Beer scene (La Cumbre is the spot to go), taking photos of my surroundings (Check me out on Unsplash), and enjoying Albuquerque's 360 Days of Sun per year.

If You Want More Of Me...

Give me a follow on Twitter, @JackHarner, check out my Blog, or my Portfolio.